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How tall is Levi Ackerman? It is the most frequently asked question by his followers. He is the tallest person in the world and is the famous character of Attack on Titan. It is the most popular animated series that is based on manga. This anime was launched in 2013 and the final season is set to launch at the start of 2022. Levi Ackerman is the bravest, tallest, and heaviest soldier in the Attack on Titan movie. He is a very emotionless man and is most liked by fans. That’s why they ask how tall Levi Ackerman is? In this article, we will reveal to you some hidden characteristics of this brave man.

All we know is that behind the popularity of any type of movie whether it is animated or not, there always lies a person or character which people like most by physics and character. The same is the case with this soldier who was called the strongest one after this anime.

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Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman is 1.6 m tall and weighs 160 kg. He is actually not as long as he was shown in anime. 62.9 inches tall, this man is the commander of Levi’s special operations squad and remained skilled throughout the battle. The theme of the anime was to protect the human society from humanoid creatures and this world is called titans threatened society. For survival human society took refuge in the cities, which had three enormous walls. This civilization fought back in bravery against the Titans. They use grappling hooks and sharp blades as tools, allowing the military to swing around their assailants and slice open their necks, killing them. In the whole fight Levi serves as a watchdog, he promises his society that he will do everything to save them. His great skills in 3DM gear and emotionless nature halted a female titan. He shows a sudden rush of energy and his great strength helps people to get rid of the titans.

Physical Appearance

Levi Ackerman is formerly known as Captain Levi under Commander Erwin Smith, and is “the strongest soldier in the world”. His appearance and look make him a good and attractive soldier. He looks handsome with black hair and dull eyes coupled with a youthful face. He is not as tall as people think and neither too short but he has a powerful physique. He looks attractive with muscles as the strongest soldier is not powerful without a ton of muscle. He is the strongest one with tons of muscles packed body.

His Survey Corps uniform, along with sporting a gray button-up and a white ascot makes him more attractive. This neat-freak strives hard to ensure immaculately clean things around him.

Reason Behind Its Short Age

Levi suffered from being severely malnourished when he was too young. Due to this he remained sick and lived in an underground city. There was no sunlight over there which led to a deficiency of the natural chemical vitamin D which hindered the growth and development of bones. Moreover, he was suffering from insomnia which is also a major cause of inhibiting the production of growth hormones. All these reasons collectively become a major cause of his short height. He is greatly inspired by characters like Feitan from Hunter x Hunter, who has a very small size.

Over the Shingeki no Kyojin series, Eren is about 170 centimeters (year 850) tall to 183 centimeters (year 854) tall, which means Eren is Taller than Levi.

Date of birth

Levi Ackerman was born on 25 December 2012. After the death of his mother, his uncle Kenny Ackerman took his care. He is one of the most dangerous and powerful weapons of attack on the TITANS.

Age of Levi Ackerman

The other most interesting thing is it notes the age of this legendary character. This strong, skilled, highly competent, and unique character is the most respected soldier on Paradise Island. This 1930s legend was feared by the Beast Titan. His squad called him a clean freak as he liked it. He shows emotional stability at 30 something, but the actual age of Levi Ackerman is unknown. He is a very thoughtful man who cares about his soldiers and everyone a lot. It is said that at the time the 1st season began, he was in his thirties and emotionally very mature. After the 4th season, it was estimated that Levi was in the late thirties, somehow between 36 and 38.  

Age of Levi related to Mikasa

 But if you pay a little bit of attention then like all other AOT fans you will come to know that there is also another story behind this. People are relating Mikasa with Levi. Both have the same physique and physical characteristics such as black hair and superior athleticism. Both have the same surname “Ackerman. 

The main discussion is about the age of Levi Ackerman and on the basis of their relationship with Mikasa we can determine his age. Depending on his relationship, we can determine his age. If we look at the survey and manga writers’ views then Levi is more than 30. According to his profile at myanimelist, his age is 34 which means he may be Mikasa’s uncle or brother. 

That’s why his surname is Ackerman. But secondly, it was said that maybe Mikasa was the daughter of Levi. But evidence proved it wrong as there is hardly a chance of a father of 19 years old.

According to the manga writers, Levi Ackerman is certainly older than 30. According to Levi’s profile at myanimelist.net, his age is 34. First, Levi may be Mikasa’s uncle or brother. That is because Mikasa must have the Ackerman surname. The second theory, however, is much more surprising. 

It claims that Levi is Mikasa’s father. Although the evidence supporting this theory is weak, a father of 19-years old may be possible. The shocking mortality rate of Survey Corps soldiers suggests that Mikasa’s father might have been hidden to make sure she had a normal childhood. But this theory might not be true because it is said Levi is a virgin due to his clean nature and he never likes to indulge in such tasks.

Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager is part of survey crops. She, along with her friends and comrades Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert, are followed by anime and manga. Other main characters are Levi Ackerman, Erwin Smith, and Hange Zoe. She is one year smaller than Mikasa.

Levi is more powerful than Mikasa

Some people take Mikasa as the strongest soldier but in actual fact, she is smaller than Levi and lacks experience and strength. Although she has a powerful mind, her strength can’t keep up with her mind. Levi is strong and merciless and that’s why he has reason to be the best soldier for humanity.


Levi Ackerman is the most powerful and strong soldier of Attack on Titan who is considered above 30 now. He is not very tall and the reason behind his short height is Malnutrition. His age is under doubt as there is no permanent evidence about his birth.


Is Eren Yeager’s brother also a part of the survey corps?

No, he is smaller than Eren and is not a part of survey crops.

What is the height of Levi Ackerman?

He is about 1.6 m tall.

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