Missguided Review at a Glance: Is Missguided Legit Or Scam?

Missguided is an online UK fashion retailer where you’re guaranteed to find unique styles at amazing prices. If you’re in need of some new clothes with a big discount, then Missguided is the go-to destination for all your wardrobe needs.

Missguided has been around for a long time, but it is still seen as a controversial site for a number of valid reasons. Some people think that the same designer does not do the designs, some think the clothes are pulled from other retailers, and Missguided is just a big scam. However, the vast majority of people wear Missguided clothes and love them. This blog will look into the truth behind Missguided, the pros and cons, and the design of the clothes.

What is Missguided?

Is Missguided Legit

Missguided is a fashion-forward online store. They offer the latest trends and must-have fashion pieces at a fraction of the price. From the catwalk to the high street, Missguided brings you the highest of fashion at an accessible price.

Missguided is a leading women’s fashion website that offers a massive range of designer clothing at up to 70% off retail prices.

It was founded in 2009, and its headquarters were previously located in Salford, Greater Manchester, until 2015, when they relocated to Trafford Park. It is now one of the largest UK fashion brands. In 2018, the British high street retailer became one of the fastest-growing UK independent retailers, reaching over 2 million visitors per month and posting a 177% growth in profit.

Missguided has been around for a long time, but it is still seen as a controversial site for a number of valid reasons.

Missguided Features

The site is easy to navigate and easy to use. It is not overloaded with features that make it difficult to use. It is a simple site with a clean layout. It has a variety of categories. The site has the most popular clothing brands like Topshop, Missguided, River Island, New Look, H&M, Next, etc.


The beauty section of Missguided is trendy. It has a wide range of makeup and beauty products. There are many items in the makeup section, such as eyeshadows, blushes, mascara, lipsticks, and more.

The beauty section is divided into one for makeup and one for beauty tools. You will find all the products from your favorite brands like Iconic London, Maybelline, The Gypsy, L’oreal Paris, etc.

Shoes and Accessories:

Missguided has a massive collection of shoes and accessories. The shoe section has items from various brands, including Aldo, Vans, New Balance, Converse, Clarks, Nike, and more. The accessories section has a wide range of handbags, belts, wallets, watches, etc.


The clothing section is one of the most popular sections of the website. It has a vast range of clothing from a wide range of fashion designers. It is divided into different categories, such as tops, dresses, pants, etc. Their clothing deals are frequently the topic of discussion on the internet. So, while you’re at it, check them out!


Dresses are one of the most popular fast fashion categories on the site. There are a lot of styles in the dresses section.

They have a wide range of items in the dresses section. We’ve got you covered from super casual to flowy summer dresses or from party to formal dresses. In this section, you’ll find the perfect fitted dress. They have great deals and price cuts on the majority of their dresses. They most likely have something for every occasion.


Missguided has sales almost every week. There are deals every day. The sales are usually around the time of the new season, so if you’re looking for a specific item, be sure to check the site every week.

Shop by Occasion:

The site has a section for shopping on occasion. It is a great way to save on the items you need. You can find sales for birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays. You can find items for a variety of events.

Summer Shop:

Summer is one of the most popular seasons in the UK. Missguided has a section dedicated to summer. It has a huge selection of clothing and accessories. You’ll find a lot of swimsuits, dresses, and more. You can find items for the beach, pool parties, and more.


Missguided has a clearance section. They have clearance items for the entire year and a vast selection of items, from accessories to clothing. The clearance section has great deals and price cuts. You can find items at a discounted price.

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Is Missguided Legit?

Besides the negative reviews, Missguided is still one of the most popular fashion brands online. The website has been around for a long time and is now one of the most trusted fashion retailers in the UK. It’s not the most innovative fashion brand, but it’s one of the best.

Missguided offers a huge range of women’s fashion, including denim, dresses, swimwear, lingerie, etc. You can also find the latest trends at Missguided. There are enough reviews online to show that they deliver their products and are genuine in their work. But are they always providing the best and most dependable products? Maybe not. Most customers have expressed dissatisfaction over the years, but many also praise this simple and affordable website. In a nutshell, they’re genuine. However, you must still filter out the products you wish to purchase to ensure satisfactory quality!

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Is Missguided Legit: Shipping And Return Policy

Missguided offers a 14-day return policy. You can return any items for any reason within 14 days and must notify the company within 14 days of the return.

For shipping, the delivery time to the EU is 7 working days. They charge €8 more for each individual. Furthermore, express shipping takes 1-2 business days. It costs you 12€. You can also find separate shipping policies for Austria and other EU countries here.

Is Missguided Legit: Customer Service

Customer service is one of the best parts of the website. They have a live chat feature, where you can contact them immediately. They also have an online chat feature, where you can send them a message. They also have a telephone number, where you can call them.

Missguided has a starred review of about 1.7. That is, they aren’t outstanding. They provide horrible customer service as many customers complain about it.

They have been known to deceive customers by selling items that do not resemble the photos. Many people have complained that things do not fit or look quite right. They also have allegations of unethical behavior in regards to workers’ rights.

Aside from a few controversies, they’re not a bad company. Customers have been extremely pleased, with many raving about them.

Benefits And Drawbacks of Missguided

Missguided is a great online shopping website. They have a huge selection of products and affordable prices. However, there are a few benefits and drawbacks of Missguided.

Benefits of Missguided

  • Missguided is a very affordable fashion website. You can find a wide range of products for a meager price. You can find items for all ages, from babies to adults.
  • There are plenty of products to choose from. You can find items for all occasions, from casual to formal. You can find items for the office, the beach, and more.
  • Shipping is available to many countries worldwide, and orders are delivered on time.
  • Their website is mobile-friendly and straightforward to use.

Drawbacks of Missguided

  • The main drawback is the quality of the products. Some of the products are not up to par.
  • There is no free shipping.
  • There are no exchanges.
  • They do not offer a phone option for customer support.
  • Some customers complain about their terrible customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I return items?

Yes, you can return any items for any reason within 14 days. You must notify the company within 14 days of the return.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping takes 7 working days. Furthermore, express shipping takes 1-2 business days.

Does Missguided Work With Credit Cards?

Yes, Missguided accepts most major credit cards. You can use your card to make a purchase.

How Much Does Missguided Cost?

You can find a wide range of products at Missguided. They offer a variety of items, from clothing to accessories. They are available at reasonable prices.

Is Missguided Safe?

Missguided is safe. You can use your card to make a purchase. Furthermore, they do not have a security breach.

Is Missguided Legit?

Missguided is a legitimate online shopping website. They have a wide range of products and affordable prices.

Final Verdict

We hope you enjoyed our blog post about what Missguided is. A website that carries clothing and accessories for women. We are glad we could point you to a website that can help you find what you need! If you’re looking for the latest trends in brand new clothes and accessories, we highly recommend checking out the website at https://www.missguided.co.uk/. Thank you for reading, and we hope you go to Missguided and enjoy browsing their website!

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