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Steps to Help Kids Stop Thumb Sucking

Some parents are worried today because of their kid’s thumb-sucking habit.

Here are some steps which will help your kids to stop thumb sucking:

Step 1. It is important to know why and when your child turns to his thumb. For the first week, save the pen and paper, and write it every time you see your child’s finger in his mouth. At the end of the week, see your list, and see if there is consistency. Did he always suck at about 4 pm? While watching his favorite show? Did he suck his fingers around another toddler in Playgroup because he was nervous or shy? You can stop Thumb Sucking – stop finger Sucking by the Hand Stopper thumb guard.

Step 2. Identify what results for your child. For example, if you noticed that every time he hurt him, he put his thumb, then a conclusion was that his thumb helped handle pain. If you notice that the thumb enters every time he watches TV, then the thumb is being used when he is unemployed.

Step 3. Now you know what he used for it, you can offer something in return for the thumb. For example, if he will watch his favorite show, offering a bowl of wine to eat while the show is on. If he sucks his thumb when he was injured and he just stored the stairs, you could hurry and offer a long hug followed by a quick disturbance like a favorite game or toy.

Step 4. Graph gift for a day equipped without sucking can help. You can offer your child treats or small toys at the end of the day if he succeeds. I also found that the more direct gifts, the better the results. If your child is old enough, suggest that he comes to tell you every time he feels like sucking his thumb and no, so you can offer a prize. It doesn’t have to be a big gift, only one M & M or a stamp bear for every time he rejects the urge.

Dealing with midnight finger suckers

Sleep time tends to be a very popular time to suck a thumb, so you need to find some other alternatives that can be as comfortable. Tinding the ribbon around the thumb or using a pair of lightweight gloves can work as a reminder so when your child brings his thumb into his mouth, he gets an instant reminder about what his goal is. You can also buy your new bed toy that has a texture so that he can rub his thumbs up instead of sucking it.

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