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All About the Cap Cosmetic Dentistry

To protect a tooth that is weak from decomposition, a chipped tooth or to improve the appearance of a tooth, your dentist may recommend a crown.

A crown is simply a “cap” that is placed in a tooth and has the general appearance of a tooth by its cosmetic dentist of Albuquerque. The crown provides a protective cover for the bad tooth and restores the appearance, strength, and size of your tooth. A crown must protect her tooth or could finish losing the tooth and having an infection in that area. This could cause a lot of discomforts and lead to a root channel.

At your first visit, an x-ray will be taken from the area where your crown will be. The cosmetic dentist Albuquerque will verify that the tooth can be crowned. Once it is done, the tooth and the gum will be moved. The tooth will be archived around the outside and the top of the tooth to make space for your crown.

Using putty or pasta, your dentist will make a mold from the top and bottom in the area where your new crown will be placed. This is to ensure that the laboratory has all the information about the surrounding teeth so that the new crown does not affect its bite.

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