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Why You Need To Install A Bathroom Fan?

Installing a bathroom fan is necessary for modern homes to reduce excess moisture that can cause damage to paint and walls. The time to plan for a bathroom exhaust system is while the walls and ceilings are still open from new construction or remodeling.

Most bathroom fans have a metal box that needs to be installed between the ceiling rafters or floor joists. The fan will fit into this box as part of the finished work or final appliance installation.

The ceiling or attic is the best place to run the exhaust vent. A dryer vent hose makes the best vent because of its flexibility and low cost. One end of the flex hose attaches to the outlet in the metal box with a large hose clamp.

There are several types of exhaust fans available. If it’s a simple fan, then you can use a regular light switch to turn it on and off. If there are a light and a heater with the fan, then you will need to use three switches to control each.

Be sure to turn off the breaker at the breaker box and make sure that other people in the house know what you’re doing with electricity.

We’ll use a double switch that fits into one switch box. The 12-3 cable that runs from the fan to the switch can be wired first. You will need to wire the red wire to one of the hot receptacle screws on the switch. The black wire can be connected to the other hot receptacle screw.

The switch will also have a screw that attaches to the house circuit power. The black wire that comes from the power circuit will connect to the switch giving it power. The white wire from the circuit power and the white wire from the fan can be joined together with a wire nut.

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