Stem Cells In Diabetes
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Know About Stem Cells In Diabetes Treatment

Global reports

Health reports from around the world show that diabetes affects more than 250 million people worldwide and is expected to increase due to lifestyle changes and obesity.

Complications related to diabetes are mainly due to death caused by the disease, and treatment of these complications is the only alternative to living a healthy life.

However, stem cell therapy has provided new hope for anyone who believes that insulin injections are a part of their life.

Way to live a better life

Scientists working on stem cell therapy have reported the discovery of stem cells in the bone marrow, nervous system, spleen, and liver that can be differentiated into cells that can produce insulin.

Such cells are called induced pluripotent cells and have opened new avenues for diabetes treatment. Many successful stem cell treatments in the past have demonstrated the potential of stem cells.

Doctors from different countries are working together to develop safe alternatives to cell reprogramming so that they can be used therapeutically in the treatment of diabetes.

Each development provides millions of people who rely solely on conventional methods of managing diabetes for a better life to fight these animals.

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