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Timber Framing on a Budget

The timber frame structure uses poles and joints, as well as timber pegs or pins, to make the frame structure of the house. This is a historical method for building truss structures and can be expensive.

People like to use timber frames because they will continue to hold the weight of the house long after the nails in the grate have rusted and need major repairs. 

Use local timber species

When using timber frames, be sure to use real wood for the area. Shipping timber across the country is expensive. For example, if you like on the east coast, their two native tree species are white pine and oak but on the west coast, it will be Douglas fir. 

Choose a simple frame design

When you look at an intricate design, it will only cost you more due to the food being removed from the board and the number of joints you need for the frame. 

Find the best prices

This includes not only building materials but also the contractors who make the timber frames for your home. Make sure you get at least three points because if you only get one pair you’ll only have one to compare with the others.

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