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How to Manage Parrot Feather – Some Options

You may think parrot feathers to be adorable? Oh! Yes, it’s! We concur! However, look carefully; you may feel a danger sign, on attentively seeing this non-toxic freshwater plant.

How to Discover Parrot Feather?

The easy-breezy Approach to see the parrot feather on your pond would be –

• Lookout for the spikes of feather renders

• They grow in whorls of 4 to 6

• The underwater leaves and measures will be reddish in color

• Notice little white blossoms near leaves just over the water

Control Options

As a conscientious pond operator, you are able to resort to many available control alternatives, but that mostly depends upon the size of this pond, the sun going into the pond, the existence of nutrition, water leak, etc.. The most typical and used management approaches of parrot feathers have been cited below.

1. Mechanical or physical

To restrain the expanse of parrot feathers, you might utilize seining or raking choices but when any fragment or even a tiny root is abandoned, you will observe the infamous species coming back very quickly.

2. Chemical

When you find that a huge part of your water system coated with this invasive species, it’s a good idea to utilize other chemical compounds. They’re fast and extremely helpful in controlling and treating parrot feathers.

Cutrine and Harvester: For a faster effect, combine diquat using a copper compound and it generates outcomes as a contact herbicide that’s more powerful than systemic herbicide.

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