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Traditional Wedding Gowns With Plenty Of Stylish Details

Formal events are about rituals and customs, and few are more precise than a marriage. Although a growing number of couples are indeed choosing casual ceremonies because of rising prices, most favor a classical white wedding.

It might surprise you to learn that white weddings are a comparatively recent phenomenon. The tradition began in 1840 when Prince Albert and Queen Victoria were married. Monarchs rarely wore white before that moment, but because of her reputation for purity and chastity, white shortly became the color of choice. It came to signify innocence and virginity in women.

But love was just a small portion of the equation. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had a storybook romance. Because of this, white wedding dresses came to signify not only chastity and innocence but also love and lifelong devotion. It’s arguably the most influential and enduring fashion trend of the time.

Traditions have been slightly relaxed lately. Brides now are a lot more likely to dress in lighter, more comfortable dresses on their wedding day, though white stays the color of choice. Statistics are not easy to find, but bridal salons, department shops, and bridal emporiums state that eight out of every ten marriage gowns they market are white. The western brides, even if it’s their second time down the aisle, frequently go with white.

Many brides-to-be do the mistake of supposing that conventional means extravagant. Most people of grown-up age have attended at least one formal marriage in their time.

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