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What Can Be Done About Developmental Coordination Dysfunction?

Developmental coordination disorder is a persistent neurological issue that begins in younger years that impacts the preparation of movements and co-ordination as something takes place to the communications from the mind not being transmitted effectively to the body. Therefore, you can find problems in skilled motor activity as a child develops. The role of podiatrists in taking care of several of the complication of developmental coordination disorder (DCD) showed up in a recent show of PodChatLive. PodChatlive is a regular Livestream hosted by Craig Payne from Melbourne and also Ian Griffiths from the United Kingdom. They’ve got on regular experts to speak about an array of different topics. PodChatLive is broadcast live on Facebook and is later on YouTube and as a podcast.

The show where Developmental coordination dysfunction had been talked about was one on children’s gait and the expert ended up being the pediatric specialist Nina Davies. They outlined methods for assessing the pediatric patient and how just under-estimated Developmental Coordination Dysfunction is and the way we should be looking at this as opposed to just pondering a clumsy child. They also talked about in-toeing walking behavior and its particular triggers and treatments. An additional interesting topic was just how necessary it can be to try and be goal/activity orientated while focusing on participation in an activity instead of seeking to “correct” or “fix” issues within the growing human.

Nina Davies is a podiatrist who qualified to have a Bachelor of Science(Hons) in Podiatry from Huddersfield University and obtained a Masters degree in Podiatric Clinical Biomechanics from the Staffordshire University in the UK. Nina has a clinical leadership position within the National Health Service in the United Kingdom, specializing in bone and joint podiatry with her main clinical work mostly taking care of pediatrics and which involves clinical process production, program advancement, and contributing to the delivery of education and mentorship. She is in addition a visiting lecturer at Staffordshire University in the UK where she provides a course in pediatric podiatry at the post-grad stage.

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