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Get Mushrooms for Depression

Magic mushrooms are a sort of organic psychedelic medicine that humans use for entertainment or spiritual purposes. They contain a list of psilocybin and psilocin-controlled substances.

However, scientific statements indicate that magic mushrooms can treat depression. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the ingredient psilocybin for use in drug research for resistant depression.

What are the pros of using mushrooms for depression?

Studies have revealed that patients with incurable depression respond well to psilocybin. The results showed that psilocybin “revived” the brains of these patients. Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris led one of the psilocybin studies and said that a “similar brain effect” occurs in “electroconvulsive therapy.”

Studies show that after two doses of psilocybin, recovery lasts up to five weeks. Separate studies recommend that a single dosage of psilocybin can produce depression and anxiety in cancer patients.

Conversely, many depressed patients must take daily antidepressants and/or take therapy every week to achieve the same benefits. This form of treatment can take years.

The rapid effect of the psilocybin fungus on depression is of great interest, as antidepressants and/or therapies can take weeks for patients to benefit. This can be a problem if the symptoms of depression are severe. Self-injurious behavior or suicidal thoughts require immediate treatment.

Scientists say magic mushrooms help unhappy patients re-join with their emotions. You counter this effect with antidepressants, which alleviate depression by obscuring your emotions. Many patients taking antidepressants say that they help reduce bad moods, but also cloud positive moods.

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