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Dead Sea Salt Is Part of a Natural Treatment to Treat Oily Skin

Many people think of bath salt when they hear about the saltwater therapy known as Epsom salt therapy. The opposite is true, it is the Dead Sea salt that works on the skin, hair and nails. I personally believe that our bodies are salt.

There is some evidence that the body can create new skin cells at any time. It is what happens to damaged skin that we need to concern ourselves with.

The growth of old skin has been proven to occur when we are stressed. The production of collagen is stimulated by the immune system. Collagen is important for the formation of new skin.

By washing our skin using Dead Sea salt we help stimulate the process of skin repair. This will also encourage the production of more collagen, which will promote a stronger and more vibrant complexion. I like to call it the red face effect.

There is no nutritional deficiency in Dead Sea salt that makes it dangerous for use on the skin. It is fine to take Dead Sea salt internally as a dietary supplement. I have used them for many years in my cooking.

When it comes to the treatment of ailments, I believe there is no better or safer treatment for colds and influenza than this wonderful natural cure. Natural ingredients such as dried Rosemary, lavender, and eucalyptus will relieve you of your symptoms as they settle on your throat. This same essential oil is included in Epsom bath salt.

In severe asthma, I have used Dead Sea salt as a bronchodilator to keep my airways open. It will also prevent scarring from an asthma attack. I believe that using Dead Sea salt internally for an extended period will provide the body with its natural defenses.

The use of Dead Sea salt for hair loss is well documented. The healthy balance of chemicals and salts in the sea contains substances that stimulate the growth of new hair. In many cases, salt has been shown to make hair growth possible.

Dead Sea salt has been used for many years as a hair tonic. The benefits of Dead Sea salt in treating thinning hair are well documented. It is just a matter of finding the right mixture for the hair type you have.

The use of Dead Sea salt for growing new hair is a natural occurrence. The minerals in Dead Sea salt are more than capable of stimulating hair growth. With the correct hair type, and if it is dry, salt mixed with water will stimulate the hair follicles.

Dead Sea salt has been used by mystics for centuries. I don’t know about you, but I find that I get a stronger and healthier feeling when I drink this natural remedy for healing. I like to take a pinch each morning and a tablespoonful in the evening to enjoy the benefits for twenty-four hours.

To make it easier to add Dead Sea salt to your diet, buy Dead Sea salt in liquid form. The soft crystals will dissolve in warm water. It is easy to add it to juices, drinks, and all kinds of recipes.

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