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Overseas Contractors And Workers Compensation Claims

Workers working for private businesses under U.S. government contracts abroad are eligible for their type of employees’ compensation. Most workers in the U.S. fall under a single nation’s laws, but it is different for people working in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other overseas countries where the U.S. has a presence. These workers, though working for private businesses, fall under the broad group of national defense or safety.

The most frequent examples are people operating on U.S. military bases overseas. The legislation also includes employees working on infrastructure projects for the U.S. like building schools and roads in war-torn places. What this means is that if you’re a worker in one of those classes, and you also get hurt at work, then you’re eligible for certain benefits under a federal law known as the Defense Base Act. 

Nearly all government contracts require companies to possess the defense base act insurance to their workers. The employer’s insurer pays benefits. If you’re injured doing a few of those tasks that fall under this law, then you’ve got to submit a claim for benefits with the insurance company. The fantastic thing is you can employ a lawyer that has a great deal of expertise in defense base act instances, who understands the way the insurance businesses operate and that understands the perfect method to make certain you’re receiving all your advantages.

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