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Why is it Important to Keep Your Air Conditioning System Clean?

Before discussing the different types of heating and air conditioning filters and which one is the most suitable for you, it is important to first learn the importance of caring for your heating filter and maintaining your air conditioner.  Airflow is critical to the efficiency of your HVAC system, and filters play a vital role in maintaining an air conditioning system properly. Regardless of whether it’s your heating system or your air conditioning system, both require a planned amount of airflow throughout the system. 

Dirty filters limit the flow, resulting in higher energy and cost of repairing your air conditioner. There are several categories for HVAC systems. First, the variable filter is rated with MERV – the minimum value for efficiency. It is designed to test filter effectiveness in air conditioning systems and around the country. 

The higher the MERV value, the better the AC filter can block certain compounds and particles. There are three different categories of air conditioning filters: mechanical air filters, electronic air purifiers, and gas-phase absorption. Mechanical filters are simple cost filters for the maintenance of air conditioning systems kept out of stock. This collects particles in the filter media. This category also includes HEPA – Highly Efficient Particle Filters.

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