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A Business Opportunity In A Trade Fair

Where we see numbers coming from areas like agriculture and businesses, we often tend to overlook the tiny shops and offices that are also an important part of a country’s economy.

One case of a small but equally strong business opportunity comes in the kind of Bali Yatra. The Bali Yatra is one of the biggest fairs which is organized in the country and contains something for everyone who visits it.

Business news now about the Bali Yatra

This fair provides a remarkable business for all the men and women who set up small shops or stalls inside. According to India news now, this fair opens its doors to both little shops and sellers and enormous brands and companies.

Both make amazing profits at this time and lure their customers with interesting schemes and promotional offers.

Many life-long and loyal clients are created during this period. This fair has everything to offer – from food and beverages to electronics and clothes.

Based on news reports, the Bali Yatra floor has over 300 stalls for food items independently. These are possibly the most crowded and occurring stalls and the food stall owners make about Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000 daily. 1 part of the reasons is devoted to boosting the rural parts by enabling people from these components to catch up stalls and showcase their handicrafts special to their area.

There are also quite a few self-help groups found here which exhibit and sell their handcrafted eco-friendly items like jute bags, paper wallets, and herbal value products.

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