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3M Paint Protection Film For Vehicles

Everyone has probably noticed that all new cars have a small, obvious safety mark. Usually, the tire will be placed directly in front of your rear wheel. They do the hard work and protect the car paint from scratches and rock splinters.

Now there is a great solution for protecting your car paint. There are many ways to name it: 3M paint protection film, rock protection, chip protection. You can find the best 3m paint protection film through https://jrsautodetailing.ca/3m-xpel-protection/.

3M Paint Protection Film For Vehicles

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In short, this method applies a thick, but optically invisible, layer of polyurethane protective film to the most vulnerable parts of your car: the hood, rearview mirrors, bumpers, fenders, side sills, and more. the value of your car and how it looks.

Here are some basic facts about 3M protective film for paint:

1. Industry-standard – 3M Brand PPF is used by almost all OEM auto manufacturers.

2. Visually clear – The protective coating for the car does not affect the appearance of your car.

3. Removable – Unlike many other brands, 3M Pro film can be removed without damaging the paint.

4. Very strong – The transparent bra protects against most scratches, sawdust, and even minor dents.

5. Durable – 3M Pro PPF has a 10-year warranty against cracks, bubbles, and yellows.

6. Self-medication – Minor scratches on the top layer heal in warm weather.

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