What Are Plantation Shutters, And Are They Right For My Home?

Plantation shutters can add rustic elegance to your home. This shutter is attached to the sturdy inner frame to make it not only functional but a design statement as well. In warm and humid climates, shutters can be opened for fresh air and ventilation before the glass is brought in, and closed completely in bad weather. 

Now they are usually combined with glass windows and are more open to unobstructed light and views than to fresh air.  You can also get the best plantation shutters & blinds for your home online.

What Are Plantation Shutters, And Are They Right For My Home?

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Benefits of plantation shutter
These shutters give a certain aura to the room. Depending on how you paint or dye them, they can look chic, rustic, vintage, or elegant. When installed without additional fabric window treatments, their clean lines can help make a room feel modern and sleek. But they have advantages that go beyond aesthetics. Shutters can increase the energy efficiency of your home by blocking heat transfer between the inside and outside of your home when tightly closed. 

They're also great for lighting control; You can close it at night so you don't wake up from the sun and open it during the day to let in the amount of sunshine you want. For people with allergies, these shutters are simple to clean and attract less dust than fabric windows.

If your windows are your home's eyes to the world, your window treatments are shutters and lashes. You want window treatments that are functional and beautiful, and for many, a plantation shutter fills that bill. Contact a window maker or interior designer to discuss the look you want and learn more about your options.

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