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Alternative Dispute Resolution In Human Resource Management

ADR is the Alternative Dispute Resolution process. Arbitration is an alternate process where the arbitrator tries to settle the problems of the disputing parties. You can get more information about alternative dispute resolution service via https://stat11.ca/dispute-resolution-services.

Alternative Dispute Resolution In Human Resource Management

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The Arbitrator listens to the problem and tries to resolve it by keeping the problem away from the court. Besides the arbitration process, it also includes the mediation process.

 Both mediation and arbitration is a cost-effective method of solving the existing disputes with the employees. The process is an informal way to resolve the problem and settle it. However, arbitration and mediation are not the same processes.

This is done by qualified professionals. The arbitrators and mediators help to settle the problem from both ends and try to resolve it before they engage in various legal processes or litigation. The arbitration agreement is divided into two portions:

An agreement stating that in case of any rising dispute it must be solved by arbitration. This is done through normal arbitration contracts, but also with an arbitration clause.

Arbitration clauses have now become an important point in the standards of an employment contract paper.

However, arbitration has larger benefits than litigation because:

  1. Efficiency is one of the greatest reasons.

  2. It is cost-effective, easier, and less time-consuming.

  3. It is a more flexible process than Litigation in terms of its rules and regulations involved.

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