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How to Choose the Best Triple Bunk Beds

If you are in the market for a new bedroom furniture set, one of the best choices you can make is to buy triple bunk beds. These kinds of beds are extremely popular because they offer three beds in one piece of furniture. This allows for more room in the room and also makes it much easier to furnish the rooms of your children. There are many different styles and sizes that these trundle beds come in, like you can see at choicemart.co.uk, so it is possible for you to find one that is perfect for any home.

One of the first things you need to decide when looking at triple bunk beds is how many beds you need. Do you need the top and bottom beds or do you want them both? A triple bunk bed with two beds on top is called a triple bunk bed with a top and bottom. A triple top bunk bed is a popular choice but it does not give you the option of having three beds in one piece of furniture. In this case, you would have to purchase a triple top bunk bed separately.

How to Choose the Best Triple Bunk Beds

Once you know how many beds you need, you will need to determine what kind of style of trundle you want. Some people love the look of a rich espresso type of triple bunk bed while others like a more modern sleek design. If you are looking for a rich espresso look, then you may be able to find a triple bed that has an espresso style metal frame along with wood accents. The frame will be able to keep the entire unit upright which helps to keep it from tipping over. However, if you like sleek design, you may have to look for other styles of trundle bed that will allow you to store away your clothes and toys in a drawer instead of on the floor underneath the bed.

One of the best triple bunk bed designs is a design that offers storage space below the bed. Typically, this storage space is located below the mattress. Since most triple beds are wider than a twin, this can make them difficult to store away in large drawers; however, there are some models available that have built-in compartments designed to meet most needs.

Another good triple bunk bed design is the one that has two loft levels. This can be helpful if you like to save space in the bedroom but still need a couple of extra sleeping areas. If you are going through a big change, such as a new baby or perhaps you are moving into a larger home, then having the ability to have more space when you need it is important. It can also help you feel more comfortable knowing that you have a bigger piece of property.

In summary, it is not hard to find a triple bunk bed that meets all of your needs. The biggest question that you may have is that design will you choose? A triple bottom bunk bed offers more sleeping space, is taller than a twin and has a built-in trundle that allows for easy storage. On the other hand, a twin over the top bunk bed offers more square footage and comes with two loft levels. You may even be able to find a triple bottom trundle that will convert into a twin, should you ever have to.

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