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Important Preparation For Eyelashes Extension

Do you think that your lashes are too feeble, too short, or too sparse? Not all of us are endowed with natural lashes, which are why many of us use mascara to darken, lengthen, and lift. Mascara often builds up, smudges, and separates too easily.

Eyelash extensions applied by beauticians can look as natural or luxurious as you want, so you can wake up with perfect lashes every morning.


Eyelash extensions are made from natural-looking synthetic materials or from the more expensive mink lashes. You can also buy 25mm mink lashes via https://www.gladgirl.com/collections/individual-mink-lashes

Important Preparation For Eyelashes Extension

Mink hair is collected from the living Siberian mink. This procedure is neither cruel nor painful as it simply wipes the hair off the malt layer before being sterilized and treated.

Mink hair makes lashes look soft and light. Although they are more expensive, they look more natural and often last longer than synthetic lashes.


There are two ways to apply for lash extensions:

  • connected in clusters (cluster lashes)
  • one by one (individual eyelashes)

Cluster Lashes

Cluster eyelashes consist of 5 to 8 lashes with a blunt tip tied in a small knot at the base. When gathered at the base, they leave room for more lashes, creating a fuller, flaming effect.

Individual Lashes

Individual lashes, as you can think, are individual lashes that are attached together to natural lashes (known as "host lashes"). When natural lashes are thrown, the extensions fall with them and cause minimal damage.

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